WKW Consulting Services

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Mr Ward is the husband of Suzanne Ward, father of five wonderful children, Josh, Ben, Erin, Jake and Matt. He is also grandfather to Emmett, Isaiah and Finnegan. He values his faith, family and service. He serves his Heavenly Father by being of service to those he consults for.





 We see everyone, individually or corporately, reach their greatest potential through effective leadership at all levels!




To help our customers achieve sustainable excellence through continuous growth by:

Needs evaluation,
Plan design, and
Effective implementation

While providing the most return for their investment.


Company Bio:


W Kevin Ward started WKW Consulting Services, LLC as a start-up consulting business available to meet the needs of individuals, associations, businesses and organizations. Using the experiences from many years of training, teaching, business and military operations, Mr. Ward will help to assist his clients to identify and understand needs. The needs can be of individuals, groups businesses or other types of organizations.


Mr. Ward believes that "servant leadership" is the key to truly effective leadership. The mark of a servant leader is their willingness and commitment to developing the group, they are responsible for leading, into a team. By developing a team, the servant leader most effectively helps the team to accomplish the goals assigned to them. Additionally, by developing the group into a team, the servant leader develops each member of the team to their fullest. The team members then have the greatest chances to become servant leaders as well.ould like more details about services we provide,


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